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Castelli Nano Flex 3G Legwarmer
Choose Nano Flex for warmers that are great in cool, dry conditions, such as for those in-between days when there is likely to be a large enough fluctuation in temperature or effort to require warmers that can be worn or removed as required. These warmers also offer some extra protection and warmth in wet conditions. They have been treated with a Nanofilament coating that prevents water droplets from soaking through the fabric. Drops of water stay on top of the fabric or bounce off without leaving a trace. Castelli's proprietary Nano Flex is what makes these water-resistant warmers possible and is often imitated but never equalled. No compromises for any conditions.
Castelli traces its roots back to a fine tailor (Vitore Gianni) in the heart of Milan, founded in 1876. Through the years, Vittore Gianni clothed AC Milan, Juventus and the Milan Ballet. The first cycling clothing was made in the 1910's for the world champion and five-time Giro champion Alfredo Binda. Castelli innovated the first aerodynamic Lycra shorts in 1977 which were used in racing and for public sales. Castelli's single-minded mission Is to make the most innovative clothing for the cyclists seeking maximum performance. Over the past decade, Castelli have led essentially every performance innovation in cycling clothing.
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